domingo, 20 de abril de 2008

Desde Australia!!!

Desde Australia nos llega este mensaje y foto a la suma. Todo in English.

We hope to produce a large positive sign in our town for the special day, but for the meantime, here is a sign in the sky over the Flinders Ranges South Australia, a beautiful place which has an exploration license of over 4000 sq kilometers upon it with a mining company named Perilya.
To the north of our town there is a huge open pit coal field, which transports by rail through the town with open wagons allowing coal dust to blow over the town. To the south (1 kilometre away) is an open pit Copper mine using sulphuric acid leaching methods. To the east (200 ks) is the Beverly uranium mine, using liquification from the aquifer. To the south again (20 ks) is an open pit zinc mine (Perilya), whose water run-off can go into our storage dam for drinking water. They are transporting that zinc by rail, the train standing on a siding in our town. To the east as well, (120 ks) a company called Marathon have been exploring/drilling in a wilderness sanctuary and sacred mountain site.
Our government does nothing to protect the people who live in this area or the land which sustains us. Most of these sites are indigenous sacred sites which feature in their 'dreamtime' stories.
But with all this, many of us are trying to grow our own food and become self-sufficient. How toxic our environment is, is not known. We are in a 10 year drought, dependent on water from rain water tanks and the before-mentioned dam. This is in a developed country. I hope you enjoy the sky plus sign, which I noticed the other day. Hopefully it wasn't a toxic condensation creating this phenomenon. Where do we go from here? I wish you well in your endeavours. What the mining companies are trying to do there mirrors our situation.
Thank you for spreading your hope
di Starick

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